Diamond Paintings: Everything You Need to Know - What is it, Why do It and How to Start?

Diamond Paintings: Everything You Need to Know - What is it, Why do It and How to Start?

You might have seen the phrase “diamond painting” being thrown around a lot lately. If you don’t know what it is, you probably wonder. What is this? Does it use real diamonds? Who does it and why? We are here to answer all your questions! 

What is diamond painting? 

Diamond painting is a relatively new arts & crafts hobby, which started around 2015. It is an interesting take on the good old paint by numbers kits. You still have an image on a canvas, divided into segments organized by numbers. Each number is associated with a particular color. The difference is, instead of using paint, with diamond paintings you work with small colorful diamond-shaped resins, sometimes called rhinestones. The result? A stunning mosaic-like rendition of the image that you can proudly hang on your wall!

Why do it? 

Much like cross stitching and paint by numbers kit, there is just something very relaxing about keeping your hands busy with something beautiful while letting your mind wander. You can customize the activity to your liking by playing your favorite music or podcast in the background and a drink of your choice. The best part? It’s suitable for all ages and experience levels. While there are some kits that are geared specifically for children, the craft itself is not exclusive to any age group. And since it doesn’t require any previous experience, picking up this hobby is as easy as purchasing a kit. 

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How to start? 

After you have purchased your kit, we advise you to think a little about how to make this activity the most pleasurable for you. Would you like to do this alone? Or maybe a family quality time activity? Is your work station ready? It’s best to have a dedicated desk or table with enough space for your canvas, diamonds and tools, so that you wouldn’t have to move or put away before you’re finished. What music would you like to play, if any? Would you do this to unwind after work or it will be a weekend fun? 


It may seem silly reading this, but as with any other hobby, the goal is maximum fun and comfort. And that doesn’t look the same to all people. Enjoy!