What To Expect In A Diamond Painting Kit And How To Use It?

What To Expect In A Diamond Painting Kit And How To Use It?

If you’ve never painted with diamonds or just wondering what this new hobby is all about, it’s always a good idea to start with the basics. Let’s see what a diamond painting kit consists of and how is every tool used. 

To aid this process, please refer to the image below. In it, you will find the contents of a regular diamond kit, displayed and numbered.  

At the top, with the number 1, you will find your canvas. This is the image you have chosen to paint and you can think of the canvas as your skeleton. You still see the image colors for your reference but it is divided into color coded segments. Each number or letter corresponds to a specific color and your goal will be to fill all segments with the corresponding colors. 

Below the canvas, with number 2, you will find your diamonds. You can also see them referred to as drills. Those are the shiny pieces you will fill the image segments with. The number of colors depends on the image you have chosen. Their shape depends on the kit - when ordering you should pay attention to the shape stated in the description. Some are squares, some are circles. Neither is better than the other - it’s just a matter of choice.  

While working on a painting or even after you finish it, you will probably have some diamonds left. They are always more than you need to account for possible loss or spillage. Keep your workspace organized by storing them in the ziplocs provided  - number 3 in our image. You can use any storage of your choosing but if ziplocs are not good enough for you, you can check out our accessories page. You will find storage containers, toolboxes and even handy travel cases

The pen, labeled with a 4, is how this magic happens. This is the tool that you will use to grab a diamond and place it in the corresponding canvas segment. All kits arrive with their own pen but if they are not comfortable to you, you can always upgrade to a special pen - you can have one with a wider grip for more comfortable long sessions. 

The diamond will not stick to the canvas without the wax - number 6 in our photo. You will need to add wax to your pen before picking up the diamond so that it could stick in place on the canvas. It is recommended to use the tray (number 5) for the diamonds you are currently placing to prevent losses and to pick them up faster. You can follow the detailed instructions with your kit. It is very easy to get the hang of the process and before you know it, your mind will be able to wander and relax while your hands simply work at your own masterpiece!

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