Diamond Paintings - Solo or Children Activity?

Diamond Paintings - Solo or Children Activity?

Regardless of whether you’ve heard about this before or not, this article is for you. Let’s go through everything you need to know about this fun activity. 

What are diamond paintings? 

Diamond paintings are similar to paint-by-numbers paintings in the sense that they too are marked out in advance into sections which are numbered (or lettered) according to the colour to be used. However, instead of using a dye, with a diamond painting you will be using shiny sparkling stones!

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Who are diamond paintings suitable for? 

Anyone who enjoys this creative process! Simple as that! Kids, teens and adults alike can all find joy in the activity. Naturally, when it comes to kids, just make sure they have chosen an appropriate image and size for their age. 

Solo or group activity?

It could be either! If you plan to work on it by yourself, there’s no one to consult, just pick the design you like and you are good to go! It might be worth picking a design that you could use as wall art when it is finished though. 

But diamond paintings are a great activity for a family night. Some planning and organizing would be needed in advance. 

  • Decide how many paintings are you working on, their design and size 

  • Remember, each kit comes with only one pen (that means one person can work on a painting at the same time). But if you have ones laying around from previous paintings or you have purchased additional pens, then you could divide in teams or even all work on the same painting. It’s really all up to you and your family. 

  • How to share 

  • If two or more people are sharing a painting, especially if they are kids, let them discuss and decide how they are going to share. Take turns? Specific areas? Just make sure they are all happy with the final decision as to prevent the atmosphere turning sour later. 

  • Be patient

  • Remember, diamonds will be spilled sooner or later, colors will be mixed. It’s almost inevitable, especially when working with kids. But don’t let that change your mood! Remember you are all together to have fun, make memories and bond. You getting upset over spilled diamonds is not a good memory for your kids. 

  • Play some music or play a game 

  • There are numerous additional activities to do while you are working on the painting. Keep your hands busy but why not sing? Or share stories? Or play word games? The possibilities are endless. 

  • Remember to take photos!

    Before, during, after, doesn’t matter! You would want to remember this moment.