How To Choose A Photo For Your Custom Diamond Painting

How To Choose A Photo For Your Custom Diamond Painting

You’ve decided to take up a fun new hobby, congratulations! Or maybe you are about to surprise your loved one with a special and unique gift. Whatever the case may be, the ultimate factor for a great outcome is a great photo to begin with. Let’s explore what that means in practice. 

1.High quality image - the more pixels, the better 

Regardless of the type or amount of objects or people in your photo, what matters the most is the quality and resolution. What does that mean? Take the image you are considering and zoom it in. If it gets blurry or very pixelated, it is probably not the best choice. You can also take a look at the size of the file. If it is less than 1MB, chances are it has been compressed at least once already and some quality has been lost. If it’s higher, up to 10MB if taken by phone, and even more from a camera, chances are you are good to go. You can perform the zoom test, just to make sure. 

And remember, there is no file restriction when uploading your photo during an order. The bigger the file, the better for all of us! 

2.Consider your source 

On the same note, keep in mind that many social networks and messengers nowadays automatically compress media files in order to load and send data faster. If that was your source, it is preferable to ask, if possible, for an uncompressed image. The best way to ensure intact quality is through email. Or if you have access to the file directly from the camera or phone that it was taken with - choose the original file, not a shared and downloaded version of it. 

3.Consider the colors and the shading of your photo 

We know how good images look on Instagram with filters on, but we advise against using such photos. They are not the best choice for a diamond painting - not only because it will be a compressed image, but also once your photo is turned into diamonds, you might be surprised with the end result. For example, if you have an area that is supposed to be pure white, depending on the shading and contrast, your white diamonds might be mixed with some colorful ones. 

4.Consider your canvas size 

If you have chosen your image already, your next consideration is how big should your canvas be. While it might be tempting to get the smallest possible, it might not always be the best idea. The smaller the painting, the more pixels is one diamond combining, which means your painting will end up looking grainy and pixelated. The bigger the canvas size, the better the details are. We can offer a simple rule of thumb to go by:

Single person portrait:

The smallest possible size we offer is 20 x 30 cm, but even only one person will look pixelated when converted into diamonds. We suggest to order at least 30 x 40 cm or bigger. 

Two people portrait: 

If there are two people in focus, for example a couple’s portraits or a wedding photo, we recommend ordering at least 40 x 50cm or more to ensure enough details. 

Three people or more: 

If there are three or more people in your photo, such as a family portrait, we recommend at least 60 x 80 cm or bigger. Anything smaller will cause faces to lose too many details and the end result will not be the optimal quality. 

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If you have any questions or concerns, or you simply wonder if a particular photo is a good choice, do not hesitate to contact us at We would be happy to help you! 

We know choosing a photo might look too risky, but there is nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that we would never send out a bad quality painting. During preparation, if we notice something is wrong, such as bad contrast/shading or blurry end result, we will contact you and suggest how to fix it. We work with a team of editing professionals, who work on every photo we receive to optimize it for transformation and we follow their directions. We might advise choosing a different image altogether or adjusting your canvas size. But either way, our goal is for you to have the perfect diamond painting and we will do anything to make sure it happens! 

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